Ken Remer Farrier Services


Ken Remer

Ken has been shoeing horses since 1997 throughout Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. He learned his craft by working as an apprentice under Don Tritz for the first 7-1/2 years of his career before starting his own business. Ken currently works with many different farms and is comfortable with most breeds and disciplines.

He is a valuable resource in tackling lameness issues and is equipped to read x-rays on site and is happy to collaborate with your Veterinarian. 

Ken believes that your horses movement can be improved or corrected through correct support and balance.


Ken's Specialties:

  • Corrective shoeing
  • Navicular
  • Founder
  • Bone Alignment
  • Correct Balance and Support
  • Emergency Cases


Ken is the go to for special cases, ESPECIALLY  LAMINITIS!